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Welcome to Studio Vural, an innovative design and architecture studio where unique ideas flourish for spaces and buildings. In our studio, we are dedicated to inspire the world through spaces of spectacle; one project at a time. Among our pages, you will find hospitality and residential projects, along with exciting competition entries we've designed over a span of ten years. Studio Vural is an unique firm where design ideas are created with childlike enthusiasm and developed with immaculate precision. In our design team an intern, a client, a spouse, or a butterfly can contribute to our design process in unexpected ways. Our creativity help our clients reflect a unique message through their projects, while our technical expertise ensures code compliant and functional spaces. Once a conceptual design has been established, the project is developed gradually to generate documents for bidding and eventually construction. We advise our clients through the dusty paths of job sites and ensure all gets done the best possible way for their investment. Browse our projects and ask us about our services, we will be happy to help.

Iconic Cafe Soho Design

Iconic Cafe is open: Our latest design is now serving coffee on Lafayette and Spring. Inspired by the Indian God Krishna and his lover Radha, Iconic Cafe is a contemporary reflection on a timeless love story. Our design is a well calibrated blend of dynamic forms, exposed century-old wood joists, wax finished oak paneling and amazing Mexican tiles (Indian too costly), that will take you to a multi-cultural conscioussness in your digitized coffee break. If you need love, coffee and a great atmosphere visit Iconic Cafe. (photo Kate Glicksberg)

Our past projects are consistently featured in prestigous architectural blogs and magazines. For more information click here

plan b tapas bar

Plan B tapas bar is open on Mulberry in Noho. An amazing combination of century old brick and a Barcelona street flavor. Studio Vural executed the entire architectural services for the project.

Miami Lokum Restaurant

Miami Lokum Bistrois under construction on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. A uniqe blend of cuban tiles and bamboo paneling meets with crimson plexi light boxes.