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Welcome to Studio Vural, an innovative design and architecture studio where unique ideas flourish for spaces and buildings. In our studio, we are dedicated to inspire the world through spaces of spectacle; one project at a time. Among our pages, you will find hospitality and residential projects, along with exciting competition entries we've designed over a span of ten years. Studio Vural is a unique firm where design ideas are generated with childlike enthusiasm and developed with immaculate precision. In our design team an intern, a client, a spouse, or a butterfly can contribute to our design process in unexpected ways. Inspirational and unique concepts are then run through our technical expertise to generate constructional recipes to be bid out for spectacular results. We adise our clients through construction and ensure all gets done the best possible way for their investment. Please browse our projects and let us know if you have any comments or quesitons.

Plan B Tapas Bar:

A stylish tapas bar where Mulberry intersects Prince. Studio Vural executed the architectural design of this exciting new restaurant. All fixtures were fabricated overseas, shipped in a container and re-assembled on site, making Plan B a design coordination extravaganza.

The result was a hospitality space with exceptional tranquility yet stimulation, which reflected the spirit of Spanish streets: true home of TAPAS.


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Lokum Mediterranean Grill:

On the bustling street of Miami's Lincoln Road, comes our new design, the Lokum Mediterranean Grill.

Owned by Turkish Restaurant giants, we deisgned a space reflecting the true character of our client; mediterranean, casual and detail oriented. Lokum's philosophy is that everyday mediterranean food must be prepared with the highest quality ingredients, and served in the most detailed sophistication while looking casual and effortless; this is a tough balance to achieve!

Our design reflects just that philosophy: Mediterranean tiles and mosaics, blend with natural woods under a tranquil light box system. It is a rich recipe with a casual feel and look. Construction is about to start, stay tuned.


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Gezi Park Monument:

We are proud to announce our avant garde contribution to the lineage of monuments for freedom: Gezi Park Monument. The project was designed as a tribute to historic street protests which started in Istanbul Gezi Park on May 31st 2013 and set ablaze the entire country in a matter of hours.

Architectural Blog Giant Archinet was interested in our project and we even made it to the "Editor's Pick".....

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Brooklyn Club:

Our Brooklyn Club's first phase is open and it truly is hopping! (literally). So if you want to hop, check out TBA Brooklyn.


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